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100% Job Guarantee With Customized Training Program

These days there are so many training institutes who claims to offer training and placement. They might be authentic and keep up to their promises, but how would a candidate trust an institute among so many or make the right choice? Here CIIT Training Institute stands out with it’s unique written assurance of 100% job guarantee on a legal bond paper. Employability is not merely a part of the training goals but the ultimate objective of our certification courses.

CIIT Training Institute key aim is to deliver Job Oriented Training for both IT students and Non IT students to perform excellence in their choice of domains. We understand the value of money and thus we trained candidate according to the needs of industry.

CIIT Training Institute training methods and customized courses promise employability, and not just certifications. CIIT Training Institute prepare its candidates as per latest and advanced corporate requirements. Once candidates are given a thorough understanding of theory and practical sessions, they are asked to perform on live projects under supervision of our mentors the industrial experts.

We take utmost care to ensure that whatever candidates learn in the classroom gets transformed in practical knowledge. They are trained to work in corporate environments and on real time projects so that when they MNCs and MLCs, they find it easy to adapt themselves in the high pressure environment.

Job Guarantee

At CIIT, we provide 100% job guarantee for Trainee Engineer Programs in JAVA,.NET and PHP technology. Here student will get 2 months training on all the topics required for Developer.After completion of training he will get opportunity to work with our developemnt team atleast for next 4 months. During this 4 months he will be on probation period, after complition of his 4 months internship he will get opportunity to become our employee.

Job Assurance

At CIIT, we provide 100% job assurance written on registered legal agreement. Now, what more can one ask for? That is the reason why students choose us over other institutes. We do not hesitate in giving a written guarantee to our candidates, as our training and placement program is of that standard.

We train our students in such a manner that they become job ready. CIIT acts as a bridge between the academic life of a student and the corporate world. Once they complete our course, they get job ready.

Top Placements

Name of Student Company Technology Package
Rutuja Jare Cloud Point System Inc Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Sanket Bhujbal Infosys Dot Net 4.5 LPA
Sourv Ghosh Credence Dot Net 4.20 LPA
Snehal Snow White Mean Stack 4.5 LPA
Yogita Ghorad Agilad Tecchnologies Pvt Ltd Dot Net 3.5 LPA
Akash Bhujbal Assentex Dot Net 3.5 LPA
Dhananjay jaiswal Bajaj Alianz DBA 3.5 LPA
Rahul Paul Capgemeni Dot Net 5.5 LPA
Ashwini Yele SK Infotech Dot Net 1.2 LPA
Megha Savner Getway Technolabs Dot Net 3.6 LPA
Vitthal Chikte Bajaj Alianz DBA 4.5 LPA
Aishwarya Khabile The Most Group Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Mahesh Londhe Empower Integrated Solutions PHP 2.2 LPA
Sandhya Bhujbal Puzzle Software Front End 3.8 LPA
Tushar Mahadik Scorg Dot Net 2.5 LPA
Aniket Bhosale TCS Dot Net 1.93 LPA
Shital Jawale AnAr Solutions Dot Net 1.2 LPA
Smita Satpute Aptara Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Sneha Mahale Indoglobus Solutions Mean Stack 5.0 LPA
Virendra Parade Integrano Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Pooja Laygude Prayo Technogies Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Arvind Parhate Panacea Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Dot Net 2.2LPA
Vijay Divekar Maersk Dot Net 2.8LPA
Shakil Shaikh TCS Java 14.0 LPA
Prasad Pol Eclon Front End 1.8 LPA
Krishna Nichel Modal Logic Java 1.8 LPA
Sneha Londhe Praeo Technogy Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Tejaswini Balwantro Praeo Technogy Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Rohini Bhosale Infosys Dot Net 4.3 LPA
Pravin Solankar Vizlitics Technogies Pvt Ltd DBA 2.75 LPA
Rajendra Patil Honeywell Dot Net 5.5 LPA
Hemangi Jagtap ZCON Solutions Pvt Ltd DBA 5.5 LPA
Ajay Mane TCS Pvt Ltd Dot Net 3.5 LPA
Vishwjyoti Walode Integrano Dot Net 2.2 LPA
Nanaso Pawar TCS Dot Net 2.2 LPA
Komal Kardile Adaptive Technologies Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Reshma TCS Dot Net 4.2 LPA
Rani Kankate Pragmysys Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Shraddha Mukta Accenture Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Dyaneshwar Patil Wipro Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Chaushila Londhe Cruncher Soft Pvt Ltd Dot Net 1.4 LPA
Dhanshree Chavan IBM Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Sanjay Sharma BasicX JAVA 2.6 LPA
Prajkata Lonkar Maersk Dot Net 2.6 LPA
Abhishek Bhadkwan The Most Group Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Varsha Nagtilak Web Direct Pvt Ltd Dot Net 3.2 LPA
Pallavi Patil Aptara Dot Net 1.44 LPA
Sandhya Sanghshetty Accenture Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Ketki Atkari Mayuresh Solutions Pvt Ltd Java 1.2 LPA
Nishtha Vijavargiya TCS JAVA 1.8 LPA
Bhushan Bairagi Navndra Enterprices Java 1.5 LPA
Ankit Gupta Nuance JAVA 3.5 LPA
Snehal Shivthare Automatic Infotech Pvt Ltd Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Nilesh Chavan Aloha Technology Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Mayur Gadekar Navandra Enterprices Android 1.5 LPA
Aditya Mukundwar Ohum Lab Healthcare Pvt Ltd JAVA 5.8 LPA
Mayur Mahadik IBS Technologies Dot Net 3.2 LPA
Shraddha Banne Sands Technogy Dot Net 1.4 LPA
Avantika Malleshe Accenture Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Amol Khedkar Maersk Dot Net 2.4 LPA
Deepak Kumar L&T India Dot Net 9.20LPA
Neha Bali Upperthrust Technologies Java 2.4LPA
Sandeep Gupta Midas Blue Pvt Ltd Java 2.4LPA
Balaji Masal Benchmark Solutions Pvt Ltd Dot Net 3.2 LPA
Shraddha Patil ZCON Solutions Pvt Ltd Dot Net 4.1 LPA
Ganesh Gore Delmon Solutions Dot Net 4.9 LPA
Swapnita Kale Suma Soft Pvt. Ltd. Dot Net 3.1 LPA
Piyush Dwivedi Soft Tech Dot Net 3.1 LPA
Diksha Rahangale AnAr Sloutions Pvt Ltd Dot Net 3.1 LPA
Mahesh Khude Birla Medisoft Pvt Ltd .NET 3.2 LPA
Noopur Sarode Upyogee Soutions Pvt Ltd Dot Net 2.4LPA
Swarali Deshmukh Tata Motors Dot Net 2.4LPA
Amit Shinde Assure Technogy Pvt Ltd Dot Net 2.4LPA
Pooja Khante AnAr Solutions Pvt Ltd Dot Net 4.5LPA
Nitin Lonkar Accenture Dot Net 4.5LPA
Rutuja Dhamankar Soft Tech Dot Net 1.8 LPA
Hemangi Oke Mindtree Dot Net 2.5 LPA
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