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Big Data & Hadoop Training at CIIT Training Institute

The World Of Big Data

Big Data is the data which can not be processed by traditional database systems i.e.Mysql,Sql. Big data consist of data in the structured ie.Rows and Coloumns format ,semi-structured i.e.XML records and Unstructured format i.e.Text records,Twitter Comments.

The World Of Hadoop

Hadoop is an software framework for writing and running distributed applications that processes large amount of data. Hadoop Distributed File System is a filesystem designed for large-scale distributed data processing under framework such as Mapreduce. Hadoop framework consist of Storage area known as Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) and processing part known as MapReduce programming model. Mapreduce is Data processing model consist of data processing primitives called Mapper and Reducer. Hadoop mainly uses four input formats-FileInput Format, KeyValueTextInput Format, TextInput Format, NLineInput Format. Hadoop works more effectively with single large file than number of smaller one. Hadoop supports chaining MapReduce programs together to form a bigger job.We will explore various joining technique in hadoop for simultaneously processing multiple datasets.Many complex tasks need to be broken down into simpler subtasks,each accomplished by an individual Mapreduce jobs.

Hadoop is best used as a write-once,Read-many-times type of datastore. With the help of hadoop large dataset will be divided into smaller (64 or 128 MB) blocks that are spread among many machines in the clusters via Hadoop Distributed File System.

The key functions of hadoop are

  • Approachable-Hadoop runs on Huge clusters of appropriate Hardware apparatus.

  • Powerful-Because it is intentional to run on clusters of appropriate Hardware apparatus ,Hadoop is architect with the presumption of repeated hardware malfunctions.It can handle most of such failures.

  • Resizable-Hadoop mearsures sequentially to hold large data by including more nodes to the cluster.

  • Simple-Hadoop allows users to speedly write well-organized parallel codes.

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Hadoop Training With Live Project

Who can do this course - Any Graduate, Non IT / IT professionals

Total Duration - 3 Months (With real time project)

Placement - 100% Job Assurance

Training Topics -

  • Big Data-
    • Distributed computing
    • Data management – Industry Challenges
    • Overview of Big Data
    • Characteristics of Big Data
    • Types of data
    • Sources of Big Data
    • Big Data examples
    • What is streaming data?
    • Batch vs Streaming data processing
    • Overview of Analytics
    • Big data Hadoop opportunities
  • Hadoop-
    • NoSQL
    • Splunk
    • HDFS (Storage)
    • YARN (Hadoop Processing Framework)
    • MapReduce using Java (Processing Data)
    • Apache Hive
    • Apache Pig
    • HBASE (Real NoSQL )
    • Sqoop
    • Flume
    • Oozie
    • Kafka With ZooKeeper
    • Cassandra
    • MongoDB
    • Apache Splunk
  • Projects - 1 Real Time Project

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